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Author Topic: Haasonline Simple Trade Bot for BTCe  (Read 2965 times)

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Haasonline Simple Trade Bot for BTCe
« on: June 13, 2013, 02:59:37 PM »

Haasonline Simple Trade Bot For BTCe

I started this topic here to promote and discuss (my) the haasonline simple trading bot. The simple trading bot is a bot created for the BTCe exchange to speculate on all available crypto currencies of BTCe. This topic here is meant to discuss the trading bot itself. How its works, that is works, what about improvements and stuff like that.

Please keep in mind this is a simple trading bot. I am working on a lot more advanced one. This advanced one is not for sale yet and is still in its prototype stage. I will not disclose any detailed information on it at this moment. However depending on the success of the software sales of the simple trade bot i will continue my work on the advanced one. This simple bot must remain... well simple and to the point.

Please be aware there are already spotted some scam versions of the Haasonline simple trading bot. Please do not fall for them, they are most likely API and secret key stealers and the scammers can do a lot of harm with this keys. If you buy or download this copies and start using it you will put your own coins at risk. There is only 1 valid version and that one can only be bought from Haasonline. Again, this is for your own safety, not mine!

Earnings from the bot(s)
If you speculate on crypto currency you know there is a risk involved. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. When you use this simple trade bot the risk of losing coins is set to a minimum (by default). However this will also affect the earnings, if the risk is low the profit will be low to because low risks are taken. So everything depend on the parameters you enter into the trading bot and also how the currency evolve during time. There is no golden rule to say this will work or this will work. You can discuss the best settings here if you like, however i can not give any good advice on it.

The parameters make the bot also operate in a unique way. This way if a lot of people are using this simple bot the effect on the exchange is always unique.

I recently added some schemes to explain how the logic of my simple trade bot has been build up. If you are interested in my software i recommend to take a look at these documents, this gives you a better understanding how i programmed the bot(s) and how the reasoning is done in detail.

www.haasonline.com/downloads/CheckProfitSafety.pdf [nofollow]
www.haasonline.com/downloads/TradeAmount.pdf [nofollow]
www.haasonline.com/downloads/RSITradeLogic.pdf [nofollow]
www.haasonline.com/downloads/HighLowBotLogic.pdf [nofollow]
www.haasonline.com/downloads/PollLogic.pdf [nofollow]

I will add more documents in time. For now i have to help some people getting started with the software.

Please be fair to me
I have invested a lot of time for developing this trading bot. I also put some other people to work to help me to support this software. Please be fair to me and keep this software for your self if you have bought it. Also please respond as fair as possible in this topic. Like i stated before i am only interested in earning some coins for my work and helping the community. This sounds unlikely these days, but its true. The only thing is asking is to be fair when you respond. It is really hard for me to show everybody i am not a scam like the other bots.

Help me
You can also help me a little. Please keep a eye out for scams that appear of my software. Notify the administrators and me if you see them. I having already a hard time fighting the scam versions and to keep my name clear. Any help is welcome for me (and the entire community in the end).

Check my work
If you have bought this bot you are free to analyse it fully the way you like. I already received some reports of people using this simple bot in a sandbox and/or second BTCe account. I fully support this. Please analyse all the web traffic generated by this bot, everything you want to keep your mind a ease. Be sure to post your finding also in this topic, you will be helping me and others by telling your findings.

I have created a new section on my website where i put the APIs which i use to power this bot. Those APIs are available in open-source (for developers). This will enable everybody to build a bot like i did. I did not release the main source of the simple bot (yet). This is because i want to keep my work for myself.

I really, really want to prove i am not a scam and my software is valid. Therefore i send my trade bot to some forum members already to let them evaluate it. I will post there review (link) here as soon as they become available.

[Links to reviews will be added here]

Because this is not the only forum i am active with my promotion, please take a look at the websites listed below to. There you will find more information about my software and maybe the answers to questions you may have already.

My website www.haasonline.com [nofollow]
Bitcoin Talk Forum Topic [nofollow]
LiteCoin Forum Topic [nofollow]
Feathercoin Forum [nofollow]

The simple trade bot can already be bought aldo i am still developing. That the bot(s) works has been proven already multiple times by me and the testers, however i am still making minor changes to it to improve its stability and to enhance its usability. As you may have read, if you have bought this bot and you are a registered user then you will receive updates automatically by mail. The same already applies to the reviewers/testers of my software.

To order the bot you have to send a mail to simplebot [at] haasonline [dot] com The automated system will read you mail and return a mail with instructions back. Please follow these instructions and you will receive the bot as soon as possible. All orders will also be checked by hand. The automated system is brand new and not fully tested therefore we do a manual checkup before the software is send to you. You can be sure you have the software within 24-hours.

Please PM me if anything goes wrong with your order.

The price for this bot is set to 0.6 BTC

Money back
I will not honor any request for money back. The simple bot is sold as it is, fully at your own risk. You get support and updates for the price you have paid. If the bot does not work properly i will have a look at it and try to fix it. However, if you are asking you coins back because you can not get the bot to work good for you i can not help you. The is a decision i made because i can never ever guarantee you will get rich from this bot. Everything depends on how the currency evolves and the parameters entered by the bot. It just like speculation done by hand, there are never any guaranties you will make profit.

And yes i use my bot too, but i will not share my personal settings. I take wins and losses everyday, if i share my settings i will get complains about the losses, i can not afford that.

Request to admins
Please contact me if i am doing something wrong or if you have your doubts about my software. You can confirm i am for real. just look at the other topic i have started else where.

BTW Sorry for my poor English. Please remember i am a developer, my talent is in software languages and logic not in spoken languages or advertisement. I am open for improvements or suggestions.

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Re: Haasonline Simple Trade Bot for BTCe
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2013, 08:33:22 AM »
Bitstamp has been added to the Simple Trade Bot. So now both BTC-e and Bitstamp are supported.

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Re: Haasonline Simple Trade Bot for BTCe
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2013, 11:05:28 PM »
I haven't been here for a while, but much has happend in the mean time. By now there are graphs in the simple trade bot, more exchanges are supported and more indicators are added.

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Re: Haasonline Simple Trade Bot for BTCe
« Reply #3 on: October 26, 2015, 03:00:03 PM »
A lot has changed with the software since the last post here. I would check out  haasonline dot com for an update. More than 15 exchanges and 500 trading pairs to choose from.


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