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Author Topic: C.A.T. 【 BOT 】 C.A.T. Cryptsy Automatic Trader 1 Copy@0.9  (Read 4289 times)

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C.A.T. 【 BOT 】 C.A.T. Cryptsy Automatic Trader 1 Copy@0.9
« on: February 21, 2014, 12:00:27 PM »

Official Logo Contest
newbielink: [nonactive]
C.A.T. Review/Sponsor

C.A.T. Users's Project
CatWeb - the C.A.T. web interface
C.A.T. on Twitter (managed by ficilan)

Current Version Beta3V9

Current Prices :
- 1.00 [btc] Full Price
-0.50 [btc] Full Price for a week!!!!

Send 0.50 BTC to this address 15rjZz89c9QijX5CyYHjQyvcu6hN9nkNX2 then PM me!
Purchasing a Copy you will get latest C.A.T. copy (Check Last Copy Under C.A.T. Logo) and you will get all the next release for Free.
C.A.T. price doesn't depending by BTC Current Value because C.A.T. Gains are independent by BTC value.
C.A.T. price will become higher when new function will be added.

After Purchasing a Copy :
- Activate API On Cryptsy newbielink: [nonactive] in the API Keys
- Check Enable API : under Your API Keys there will be 2 keys : one is the private key, and the other is the Public Key.
- I Write in the Code Your Public Key as a "Serial Number".
- When you open "C.A.T" you must insert Private Key + Public Key to enter.


- Your C.A.T. copy is personal
- All C.A.T. release after purchase will be free
- Your C.A.T. copy is related with your Crypty Public Key so Do Not Change Your API Key or you won't be able to use C.A.T.
- Refund is not possibile (C.A.T. is not an hardware)
- Support is given on the latest C.A.T. Release
- If you buy a Copy from another C.A.T. user i'm not responsible about nothing (i will only change nickname in my PM User List)
- Don't ask me nothing about C.A.T. copy bought from another C.A.T. user
- I Am Not Responsible about Cryptsy problems or bad Api Response
- If you try to scam me/other people i will report it and i will remove your key from next CAT release.

After purchasing a copy, you can PM me for each problems/questions about C.A.T.
You can also suggest new functions and corrections to improve C.A.T performance.
Your opinion is very important   ;)

You can also make a donation to BTC address : 15rjZz89c9QijX5CyYHjQyvcu6hN9nkNX2
If you want to donate with other currencies PM me and i give you my wallet address.
All donations will be appreciate.

C.A.T. F.A.Q.

What is C.A.T.?
C.A.T. is a "partial automatic-trader" written using cryptsy API + Java Code (Desktop Application)
I use the word "Partial" because there's an automated process that works on data choosen by user. Each process can have different rules.

What i need to run C.A.T. ?

C.A.T. works on Linux/Windows/Mac with Java 7

Gain is guaranteed?
When a Ping-Pong Order is Completed, there's a Mathematical Gain. But don't forget : other markets factor can decrease your portfolio value, the first on is the market devaluation of currencies. 

How Much Gain?
It always depends by the markets you choose, the parameter you set, and the time of the day.

A large amount of this programs runnings, can create conflict each other?
Conflict is not the right word. Each program run with users option, so my Thread on Market XXX/BTC can be more different from Your Thread on Market XXX/BTC.

What are your guarantees?

I Guarantee constantly work to improve CAT Programs
I Guarantee full collaboration with users
I Guarantee to send all next copy FREE without asking any amount

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Re: C.A.T. 【 BOT 】 C.A.T. Cryptsy Automatic Trader 1 Copy@0.9
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2014, 12:03:41 PM »


[btc] Login

First time you start C.A.T. you will get an Empty Login GUI
- Insert your private and your public key and press Enter
- C.A.T. will verify if your public key is the key of your personal copy
- C.A.T. will communicate with public key + private key to Cryptsy to get Server Time

If everything goes well you will get "Key Accepted Message"

- C.A.T. will save in the program Directory your Public/Private Key in a File named Key.XML and next time you log on C.A.T. the private/public key will be in the textbox.
- C.A.T. will suggest you the LogDirectory
Root is  the director Where C.A.T. is Running+"\LOGS"
Inside LOGS there's GAIN Logs Directory
Inside LOGS there's ERROR Logs Directory
- If you get an error during login, probably is an error from server, don't worry and retry.

[btc] Main Panel - Dashboard

This is the Main C.A.T. Panel.
From the Dashboard you can load/call all the functions you need.
From the Toolbar -> Option Item you can :
- Save To XML Format all your open Markets Algorithm Parameters
- Load From XML Saved Algo Parameters (this operation can be done without any open markets)
- Close All C.A.T. Current Orders (only orders created by C.A.T. during the current run)
- Close Al Orders (Also orders only on Cryptsy or of a previous C.A.T. Running)
From the Toolbar -> View Item you can sort all open markets in lexicographic order

[btc] Markets List

You can choose to load the markets from Cryptsy : All Markets/only BTC Markets/only LTC Markets/only XPM Markets
If you check the box "With Statistic Calculation" C.A.T. will calculate some additional statistics over the orders/trades (this operation is longer than the normal market load process)

These are the statistics calculated :
- % Difference is the difference between High/Low Trades of the last 24Hours
- Sell Order/Buy Order are the numbers of currently orders
- Sell Trade/Buy Trade 24H is the numbers of trades in the last 24Hours

You can sort this table in Ascending/Descending Order by clicking on the Column Header
Double Click On a Row will Open a new Tab for the selected Market in "My Markets" Panel.

[btc] My Balances

If you want to check your balances press the button "Load Balances"
Positive Balances are highlighted in green.
You can sort the table by Column.

Estimated Portfolio Values is calculated this way :
BTC Amount + Sum(Of All BTC Market Alt Curr * lastMarketPrice)+Sum(Of All Only-LTC Market Alt Curr * lastMarketPrice)+Sum(Of All Only-XPM Market Alt Curr * lastMarketPrice)

The algorithm works also on "Held For Orders" Balances

[btc] My Open Markets

For Each Open Market you will get a Tab Like This.

- Market
If you want to have a look at the current market status without go on Cryptsy or if you want to have all trades divided by "Buy/Sell", the only thing you must do is press the "Refresh Status Button" and wait some seconds.
These are the info displayed : Market current Orders/Your current Orders/Last Trades (Divided Buy/Sell)/Your Last Trades (Divided Buy/Sell)

- Ping-Pong
It's where you create your Ping Pong Algorithm

- In The TabbedPane you can get Info About :
General Statistic (sum of current status values and sum of all values from start time)
CurrentPing/CurrentPong/Trade/Orders/Errors/Sell-Buy/Orders To Restore (when Cryptsy return error)
List Of Ping-Pong Completed (Gain)
General Log and Error Log

Action you can perform from the dropdown list (You Must press the EXECUTE button) :
- Stop The Ping Pong Process
- Stop/Restart The Creation of new Ping Orders (current orders over the market will remain active)
- Close All Orders over the current market
- Close All Ping Orders over the current market

Status Label Meanings :
- Wait (Green) : Algo Is Sleeping
- Lookup (Yellow) : Algo Is Checking For Trades/OrderCreation/OrderRecreation etc...
- Red (Zombie) : There is nothing to do, no Buy/Sell Pool Values, No Ping, No Pong, No Trades
- Stop (Black) : Algo Is Not Running

[btc] Ping Pong Algo Creator

This is where you create/update the Ping-Pong Algo.


Choose a fixed price for Buy/Sell and C.A.T. will always Buy/Sell at these prices, without any adjustment.

- Min % Guaranteed Gain. Is the minimal % of GAIN you want guaranteed from C.A.T. after a Buy-Sell/Sell-Buy operation. If this percentage is not guaranteed, C.A.T. will wait.
This Is The Only Mandatory Parameter

- Skip Orders With Total < Than. With this Option Active C.A.T. during his Algorithm will not consider orders with total amount lower than the parameter value.
- Don't create ping with total < Than. After a successfull Ping-Pong the total amount of this order will be put in the "Cauldron" and from the "Cauldron" will be created new sell/buy orders. With this option activated you will limit the creation on "little orders". If total in Cauldron will be < than this parameter, C.A.T. will wait for more money in cauldron.
- Never Sell Under/Never Buy Over with this option activated you will limit the creaton of orders with price too low or too high.
- Sell All If Price Goes Under (Works only for Sell Orders) with this option activated C.A.T. will sell your order if the market price is too low. The sell price will be current the best buy price.
- Sell All If % With Ref Price Is : (Works only for Sell+Pong Orders) Each PONG orders have a reference Price : the sell/buy price of the Original Pong Orders. C.A.T. during the algo calculate the % difference between the reference price and the current best Buy/Sell Orders. With this option activated you decide to sell a Pong Order if the % calculated is too negative. A Suggestion is to use value lower than -10%
- Stop Ping Creation If Sell Value Is > : You can decide to Stop The ping Order Creation if the Current Best Sell Value if too high, C.A.T. will restart Ping Order Creation if the Best Sell Values return lower than your parameter
- Stop Ping Creation If Buy Value Is < : You can decide to Stop The ping Order Creation if the Current Best Buy Value if too logw, C.A.T. will restart Ping Order Creation when the Best Buy Value return higher than your parameter
- Never Buy/Sell Directly with this option you will never buy/sell directly and you orders will have 0.00000001 difference from the best Buy/Sell orders.


- Never Recalculate User Ping Orders : With this option Checked, C.A.T. will not retry to calculate orders inserted from the GUI by the user. Price of these orders will remain static.
- Run Algorithm For XX Minutes and then return all to primary/secondary currency : With this option Checked C.A.T. will normally run for the numbers of minutes set by user. After that amount of minutes C.A.T. will stop create Buy/Sell Ping Orders and will stop create PONG Orders of Buy/Sell Tipe (depending by your return currency choose)
All pending trades, buy pool and internal structure will remain frozen until user de-check this option.


Press the CHECK Button in the CALCULATOR if you want to :
- Your Primary/Secondary Currency Balances
- Know the % Difference between the Lowest Sell Price & The Higher Buy Price
- A Suggestion about the price to start a Sell/Buy Orders (accordingly to the algo parameter you have set)


GENERATE PING-PONG Algo With the first orders.
- Choose Type+Price+Quantity and press ADD PING ORDER (repeat for each order you want to create)
- Press the ADD NEW PING ORDERS button and C.A.T will start to Work.

- You can Update All Your Parameter (Update Ping-Pong Parameter Button)
- You can add New Ping Orders. (Add New Ping Orders Button)

[btc] Statistics [btc]

This is a General Statistic Panel. Each Markets Have One.
If you want to read the sum of all the Single Market Statistics, you can load the General Statistic Panel from the Dashboard

[btc] General Log Gain [btc]

In the general log gain you can see all the Gain obtained by a Ping-Pong, divided by market (BTC,LTC,XPM)
You can Export each log in Excel Format.

[btc] Analyzer [btc]

Market Analyzer is a tool created for compare market currencies values taken at different times.
And also to give you an hand to choose "massive" buy/sell and sell/buy when currencies values are at your advantage.

- First things to do is Load Current Market Values (you can choose all values, or only BTC,LTC,XPM)
- If you are going to sell/buy, set in the table : Action + Price + Quantity
- Save the Snapshot (xml format)

When you want to make a compare you must load 2 Market Snapshot, and then decide (select the snapshots from the combobox in the botton of Analyzer Panel) which market is the market FROM and which is the market TO. Then press COMPARE Button

Each value from the Snapshot FROM will be compare against the same value in Snapshot TO.
If Value is higher you will see in GREEN Color
If Value is lower you will see in RED Color
If you have set a BUY/SELL operation in the Snapshot FROM, you will also see a estimated value of how much can you gain/lose if you sell/buy now your previous buy/sell orders.

[btc] Console Error [btc]

Is the console where all System Errors Are Listed many of the are only warnings because C.A.T. is able to recover these errors.

FALSE POSITIVE (C.A.T will retry the Call)


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