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Author Topic: Electrum 1.7 released - New features include plugins, multisig transactions  (Read 2626 times)

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Electrum 1.7 released - New features include plugins, multisig transactions, console, and Armory style offline transactions

# Release 1.7

* The Classic GUI can be extended with plugins. Developers who want to
add new features or third-party services to Electrum are invited to
write plugins. Some previously existing and non-essential features of
Electrum (point-of-sale mode, qrcode scanner) were removed from the
core and are now available as plugins.

* The wallet waits for 2 confirmations before creating new
addresses. This makes recovery from seed more robust. Note that it
might create unwanted gaps if you use Electrum 1.7 together with older
versions of Electrum.

* An interactive Python console replaces the 'Wall' tab. The provided
python environment gives users access to the wallet and gui. Most
electrum commands are available as python function in the
console. Custom scripts an be loaded with a "run(filename)"
command. Tab-completions are available.

* The location of the Electrum folder in Windows changed from
LOCALAPPDATA to APPDATA. Discussion on this topic can be found here:

* Private keys can be exported from within the classic GUI:
  For a single address, use the address menu (right-click).
  To export the keys of your entire wallet, use the settings dialog (import/export tab).

* It is possible to create, sign and redeem multisig transaction using the
command line interface. This is made possible by the following new commands:
    dumpprivkey, listunspent, createmultisig, createrawtransaction, decoderawtransaction, signrawtransaction
The syntax of these commands is similar to their bitcoind counterpart.
For an example, see Gavin's tutorial:

* Offline wallets now work in a way similar to Armory:
  1. user creates an unsigned transaction using the online (watching-only) wallet.
  2. unsigned transaction is copied to the offline computer, and signed by the offline wallet.
  3. signed transaction is copied to the online computer, broadcasted by the online client.
  4. All these steps can be done via the command line interface or the classic GUI.

* Many command line commands have been renamed in order to make the syntax consistent with bitcoind.

# Release 1.6.2

== Classic GUI
* Added new version notification

# Release 1.6.1 (11-01-2013)

== Core
* It is now possible to restore a wallet from MPK (this will create a watching-only wallet)
* A switch button allows to easily switch between Lite and Classic GUI.

== Classic GUI
* Seed and MPK help dialogs were rewritten
* Point of Sale: requested amounts can be expressed in other currencies and are converted to bitcoin.

== Lite GUI
* The receiving button was removed in favor of a menu item to keep it consistent with the history toggle.

# Release 1.6.0 (07-01-2013)

== Core
* (Feature) Add support for importing, signing and verifiying compressed keys
* (Feature) Auto reconnect to random server on disconnect
* (Feature) Ultimate fallback to HTTP port 80 if TCP doesn't work on any server
* (Bug) Under rare circumstances changing password with incorrect password could damage wallet

== Lite GUI
* (Chore) Use for exchange rate data
* (Feature) added currency conversion for BRL, CNY, RUB
* (Feature) Saraha theme
* (Feature) csv import/export for transactions including labels

== Classic GUI
* (Chore) pruning servers now called "p", full servers "f" to avoid confusion with terms
* (Feature) Debits in history shown in red
* (Feature) csv import/export for transactions including labels

# Release 1.5.8 (02-01-2013)

== Core
* (Bug) Fix pending address balance on received coins for pruning servers
* (Bug) Fix history command line option to show output again (regression by SPV)
* (Chore) Add timeout to blockchain headers file download by HTTP
* (Feature) new option: -L, --language: default language used in GUI.

== Lite GUI
* (Bug) Sending to auto-completed contacts works again
* (Chore) Added version number to title bar

== Classic GUI
* (Feature) Language selector in options.

# Release 1.5.7 (18-12-2012)

== Core
* The blockchain headers file is no longer included in the packages, it is downloaded on startup.
* New command line option: -P or --portable, for portable wallets. With this flag, all preferences are saved to the wallet file, and the blockchain headers file is in the same directory as the wallet

== Lite GUI
* (Feature) Added the ability to export your transactions to a CSV file.
* (Feature) Added a label dialog after sending a transaction.
* (Feature) Reworked receiving addresses; instead of a random selection from one of your receiving addresses a new widget will show listing unused addresses.
* (Chore) Removed server selection. With all the new server options a simple menu item does not suffice anymore.
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